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free read Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll (Zet Mystery Case #1) 106 You who have dug deep and sifted hard for a story to read have unearthed an ancient treasure a mystery from the dusty ages when a boy could be a hero and fight for the good of all ZET TRIES TO TRACK DOWN A MISSING SCROLL IN HIS FIRST The setting and the characters are fun and the two children are virtuous and endearing their hearts in the right place The author as he has pointed out has taken time to ensure the historical accuracy of the story It s a short story and written at a grade level that kids can understand By focusing on the intrigue and the mystery plus some action the story is accessible to kids rather than engulf young readers with minutiae of history and culture My slight hesitancy comes from the improbability of the story and how the kids would by luck get the emerging details of a plot against royalty But that s par for the course for kids stories putting them in the same league as adults as to success and manoeuvrability

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Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll (Zet Mystery Case #1)

free read Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll (Zet Mystery Case #1) 106 EXCITING ADVENTURE 12 year old Zet and his sister Kat are in charge of the family pottery stall now that their father is off fighting the Hyksos Who knew putting food on the table could be so hard When he hears a thief has stolen an The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll by Scott Peters is a children s book set in New Kingdom Egypt in and around the southern city of Luxor The pharaoh of the time is deliberately unspecifiedThe plot is lively and straightforward two children who run a market stall selling pottery witness a neighbour being accused of theft and take it upon themselves to investigate In the process they find out that the accusation is false but that there is a much deeper and sinister plot behind it Basically in adult terms they have stumbled into the path of a political move aiming at a palace coup a problem which did indeed face certain pharaohs of that timeThis is a children s book so the writing is simple and direct the characters motives are plain and easy to grasp and the children are supremely competent at solving the problem albeit at considerable risk to themselves and their familyBut the book is also a fantastic introduction to Egypt for children Places people and customs are well explained and engaging so the book is highly educative as well as fun Problems are solved by thought perseverance the gathering of evidence and negotiation with key people There is no magic and religion is dealt with as a normal part of everyday life I would happily use this book as a way to bring something of the reality of ancient Egypt to life for a young audienceTechnically the Kindle copy I downloaded had a number of problems in particular with incorrect representation of some characters such as apostrophes This made the book hard to read in places especially for a younger audience I understand that this problem is being addressed and should be fixed before longOverall a four star book for me although I prefer adult fiction I can easily see myself reading The Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll with young people wanting to learn about Egypt

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free read Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll (Zet Mystery Case #1) 106 Important scroll and that there's a reward for the thief's capture he's determined to win it The chase leads him into forbidden temples whispering with the voices of ancient gods into a web that threatens to crush his family forever Eleven year old Zet and his younger sister Kat are left with the responsibility of minding the shop while their father is in a faraway land fighting for Egypt and their Pharaoh But each week the children s earnings dwindle until they fear they won t have enough to feed themselves their baby brother and their mother So when a thief bounds through the market place Zet steps up to the medjay or police officer to offer to help catch the thief in exchange for the reward This brave but foolish action soon lands Zet and his sister in trouble so deep their very lives and the lives of their family are in peril As Zet and his sister wind their way through the streets of Thebes the scents and sounds and activity of the thriving commercial city come alive They meet many people in their uest from the man who grows papyrus to make into paper to the blind lady on the side of the road to the merchants in the market to the high priest of the sacred Temple of Amenenopet But they are not all as they seem To save their family Zet and Kat must learn who to trust who has evil motives and what those evil motives are It is an action packed mystery set in an ancient land with great attention to detail I recommend this historical novel to all middle grade readers

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